Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eight people injured in shooting at Seattle car show after 'man bad-mouths another owner's paint work' - 24th July 2011

Eight people were injured in a shooting at a car show at a crowded Seattle shopping centre after a fight reportedly broke out after a man insulted another car owner's paint work.

Several gunshots were fired after witnesses said two groups of people started fighting at the low rider car show at the La Plaza shopping centre in Kent, Washington yesterday.

One man reportedly pulled out a gun and started firing shots as children stood just a few feet away.

Kent police spokesman Sergeant Jarod Kasner said that the shooting began after a fight broke out among some of the people at the show of around 30 customised vehicles.

Several suspects fled the scene as eight people were hit by the gun fire, he said.

One witness told local station KOMO that the fight had started when one man bad-mouthed another car owner's paint job.

Police said that the shootings may have been gang-related. Read More