Friday, July 15, 2011

Dr. Marc Midei: Loses license for performing hundreds of unnecessary heart operations (likely to fatten his wallet, no doubt)

He’s accused of performing unnecessary surgical procedures on hundreds of his patients. And now many of those patients are celebrating news that state yanked Dr. Marc Midei’s medical license.

Derek Valcourt has reaction to the decision by the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Many of Midei’s patients are calling this vindication. And for their attorneys filing civil lawsuits, it’s more ammunition.

The 88 page report from the Maryland Board of Physicians blasts Dr. Marc Midei for violations they call repeated, serious and indefensible. So severe–they revoked Midei’s medical license.

“That’s what I was hoping for,” said Vicki Marrs. “Happy. He doesn’t deserve to have his license.”

Marrs is one of 585 people who received a letter from St. Joseph Medical Center saying Midei may have unnecessarily given her a stent–a tiny device designed to open up blocked arteries. A charge Midei has vehemently denied.

“What I did is what I would have wanted for myself for anybody in my family, my mother, my father,” Dr. Midei said in October of 2010.

But the State Board of Physicians found in 4 of the 5 patients cases they reviewed, Midei willfully fabricated information about the severity of blockages. (more)