Friday, July 15, 2011

'Diary of a policewoman': racy photo scandal grips Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been gripped by another photo scandal, after racy images featuring policewomen were taken from a blog and splashed across the territory's newspapers.

The photographs - which numbered more than 100 - showed Hong Kong policewomen touching a colleague's breasts, dressed in their underwear, pointing guns at each other and pulling up their skirts.

They were uploaded onto the personal blog of a 25-year-old female constable who joined the force in 2007, officials said.
Media coverage of the blog - called "the diary of a policewoman" - prompted local authorities to launch an internal inquiry.

"Police will not tolerate any conduct that damages the force's reputation," Hong Kong police said in a statement published in the South China Morning Post newspaper.

"An internal investigation has been launched into the incident," Assistant Police Commissioner Alan Fan Sik-ming, the Kowloon West regional commander, told the Post. (more)