Monday, July 11, 2011

David Bell kept starving wife and baby prisoner in loft and forced her to have sex with strangers - 11th July 2011

An evil bodybuilder has been jailed after he kept his starving wife and baby prisoner in a filthy loft and forced her to have sex with strangers.

David Bell, 26, beat his wife Zara with saucepans and martial arts weapons - and kept her in the attic of the family home with their daughter Jessica, one.

Zara, 26, only managed to escape her life of terror in Pitsea, Essex, when she smuggled an old mobile phone into the loft and called police while her husband was out.

She barely had enough food to feed her daughter and the pair had to sit in the attic, soaked in their own urine.

After police rescued her doctors discovered she had 24 separate injuries.

She had been kept there over a three-week period while Bell trained for hours on end at the gym.

A recording of her call was played to the hushed court room.

'I have been abused by my husband,' she told the operator. 'I am sitting in the loft and I can't get out.'

Bell was jailed for nine years at Basildon Crown Court after he admitted false imprisonment and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He showed no remorse as he was given a public protection sentence. He will only be released if he can prove he is not a danger to the public.

His wife has since moved out of the area. Read More