Tuesday, July 5, 2011

D-Day for Casey: Prosecutors dismiss 'absurd' claim that Caylee drowned as jury begins deciding whether mother should live or die - 4th July 2011

Casey Anthony’s six-week murder trial finally rested today as jurors were sent away to decide whether her two-year-old daughter was the victim of an accidental drowning that she covered up out of fear and grief, or was brutally murdered by a 'pathological liar' who wanted to live free and party.

Judge Belvin Perry dispatched the jury in Orlando, Florida, to consider their verdict after the state delivered an emotionally stirring rebuttal to the defence’s closing arguments, telling the panel of seven men and five woman that Caylee Anthony died in June 2008 at the hands of 'the most well documented liar ever seen in a courtroom.'

Anthony scowled, shook her head and at times mouthed her objections as prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick closed out their assertion that Caylee was suffocated deliberately by her mother and tossed in the woods to rot.

Her decomposed remains were found in December 2008 with duct tape over her skull, where her nose and mouth would have been. The defence’s suggestions that her grandfather George Anthony put it there while disposing of her body was 'laughable' and 'oh so predictable,' jurors were told.

'Accusing others of lying is classic Casey Anthony. When Casey Anthony wants to turn attention away from herself, she accuses others,' said Ms Drane Burdick. 'A lie told convincingly is still a lie.'

Defence attorney Jose Baez told jurors during closing arguments yesterday that Caylee’s death was an 'accident that snowballed out of control' after Caylee clambered alone into the swimming pool at her home in Orlando, Florida. Read More