Friday, July 15, 2011

Another record for 2011 as 60.000 Lightning Strikes were recorded during a Storm in the Czech Republic last Night - 15th July 2011

Some 60,000 lightnings were registered during the storm over the Czech Republic during the night, Petr Dvorak, spokesman for the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMU), said yesterday.

The figure is high even for July, the month with the highest occurrence of storms in the Czech Republic, Dvorak said.

Coupled with a strong wind, the night storm hit most of the Czech Republic, felling many trees and causing blackouts and fires.

Some 5,000 households in southern Bohemia remained without electricity and the fallen trees complicated traffic at many places.

However, there were no casualties.

On average, some 130,000-150,000 discharges are recorded over the Czech Republic in July.

However, there are some exceptions such as July 2004 that was very calm with 64,000 lightnings.

The statistics of lightnings in individual months has been available since 2002, Dvorak said.

The summer of 2007 was among the seasons with frequent storms with 146,000 lightnings in June, 109,000 in July and 126,000 in August, Dvorak said.

Dvorak said the number of storms and lightnings was generally growing from January to July, after which the trend reversed.

In January, there are on average 20-50 lightnings over the Czech Republic, in February-March some 500-600, in May 30,000-50,000, in June 75,000, in July 130,000-150,000, in August 30,000-60,000 and in September 20,000-35,000.

In October, lightnings are rare with roughly 400 of them a month.

At the time of the strongest storm activities last night, there were up to 315 lightnings a minute, Dvorak said. Source