Friday, June 3, 2011

A word on Katya Koren

It has come to our attention that many readers have grown upset, in particular the Muslim ones, for our having re-posted the initial articles which speculated that a group of Muslim youths had killed Katya Koren for participating in a beauty contest.

We would like to bring it to everyone's attention that The Coming Crisis also re-posted the later article updates which stated that it may have been a stalker, rather than the group of youths, who murdered Katya.

We'd also like to make the following points:

1) The purpose of this website is for all of you to exercise your minds, and not simply "get a fill" of the day's news. You could just as easily do that at CNN or Sky. Please use the search box if you're unsure if we've posted updates to our stories before you post disparaging remarks about us, others, or any religious groups (which we immediately delete), or spam our comment threads with links (which we also immediately delete) of stories that we have already posted.

2) The Coming Crisis will continue posting whatever we feel is worth for our readers to know, however controversial it may be. We are not afraid of any group, and will never halt our pursuit of the truth. We re-post stories not to target any particular segment of society, in any country, and have respect for all peoples, and simply seek to pass on important information.

3) For those who are following the comment requests and are approaching our posts and commenting with logic, kindness and a genuine desire to seek the truth, we thank you and encourage you to continue. You are what make our website alive and strong.

-- Matt