Thursday, June 2, 2011

WARNING: Cambridge students warned not to go out alone at night as bike-riding sex 'predator' strikes for the ninth time - 2nd June 2011

A bike-riding sex attacker with a preference for university students is on the loose in Cambridge.

Nine women have so far been attacked in the city by the serial offender - eight of whom were students.

Each time he has struck, he has prowled the streets on a bike before grabbing and groping his victims - aged between 19 and 32 - but when they began struggling or screaming he has fled the scene.

As fears grow that his attacks could become more serious, all students, staff and fellows have now been emailed by Dr Mark Wormald, a senior tutor at Pembroke College, warning students to remain vigilant.

The attacks started in August with the latest being on Saturday - the first time he has targeted someone who isn't a student.

Police have, however, linked the attack to the other eight and more officers have been put on the beat in the places where he has struck.

Dr Wormald told students: 'The predator continues to operate in the vicinity of the college and its hostels in the west and south of the city.

'You are requested to remain extremely vigilant when walking in and around the city, particularly after nightfall.

'Students who are travelling across Cambridge after dark on foot rather than on bicycles are urged to walk in pairs wherever possible and to carry a mobile phone and if possible a personal alarm.'

The attacker is in his 20s, of medium build between 5ft 10ans and 6ft and has been described as being physically strong.

Detective Sergeant Phil Priestley from Cambridgeshire Police said: 'This latest incident is extremely similar to the other attacks in this series and we have reasonable grounds to believe that they have all been committed by the same man. Read More