Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two teens captured for shooting dead a three-month-old boy and seriously wounding parents as they leave baby shower - 6th June 2011

Two teens have been taken into custody for shooting dead a baby boy and seriously wounding his parents after they left a baby shower, police said.

East Palo Alto police have arrested a teenager and taken another into custody for shooting a family as they left a baby shower at a home on Wisteria Drive early yesterday morning.

Police believe the family of Redwood City, California fell victim to mistaken identity when they were attacked by two men in dark clothing at around 12.50am Sunday morning.

The three-month-old boy was shot in the head from a small-caliber handgun while his mother and father were wounded.

One of the teens was arrested as a suspect in the shooting.

The other, described as a 'person of interest' was arrested on a weapons charge.

Both teens, described by witnesses as young Latino men, were taken to juvenile hall in San Mateo County following arrest at 5am this morning.

In a news conference today, Acting police Captain Jeff Liu said the suspect was attacked May 31 by a member of the local Sureno gang.

In a tragic case of mistaken identity, Mr Liu said the shooter shot who he thought was had attacked him but was incorrect.

The family were rushing to nearby Stanford Hospital when they were stopped by police.

A witness, Sia Bani said the father opened his car door gripping his abdomen and shouted: 'My baby's been shot'.

The baby was then taken by ambulance to hospital where he was pronounced dead a couple of hours later at 2.15am.

The parents, both 22, have injuries not thought to be life threatening, police said in a statement. The father was shot in the shoulder while the mother was shot in the buttocks.

The baby boy's three-year-old brother, who was also in the car during the attack, was not hurt.

'Clearly any killing is tragedy, but especially when it's a three-month-old it strikes at the heart of all our community,' Police Chief Ronald Davis said at a news conference yesterday.

He called the gunmen a 'significant threat to the community' and appealed for them to 'have some sense of humanity and surrender.'

Police have not yet released the victims names. Source