Monday, June 6, 2011

Thirteen injured in new bouncy castle horror as inflatables are sent flying over Long Island soccer pitch - 6th June 2011

Thirteen adults and children were injured when three bounce houses were tossed through the air at a youth soccer tournament by a strong gust of wind.

Shocking amateur footage shows one of the houses - which had children inside - being torn off its moorings and tumbling 40ft into the air and along a field.

Those caught in its path were knocked down and one girl was nearly strangled when a rope got caught around her neck.

Dozens of onlookers sprinted to help the victims who were not seriously hurt but badly shaken up.

The incident is the latest in a series of accidents involving bounce houses.

In February two sisters aged nine and 11 miraculously survived after being thrown 110ft into the air inside their bounce house by a freak gust of wind in Marana, Arizona.

And in April a boy and a girl were badly hurt after a 60mph dust devil llifted the children's bounce house they were in and deposited it on a road in Tucson, Arizona.

The latest horror happened on Long Island in New York at the Oceanside United Soccer Club tournament.

Organisers had put up three bounce houses for the children to play on and all three were thrown into the air by the strong winds.

Eric Evensen, a Nassau County police officer told CNN: ‘As children were inside, a heavy gust of wind blew across the field, raising them off the ground and sending them airborne.

‘Once they hit the ground, they began rolling and struck several people on the ground.’ Read More