Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Steven Lake shot dead wife and two children before killing himself... while on bail for holding them hostage - 14th June 2011

An estranged husband tragically shot to death his estranged wife and their two children before turning the gun on himself.

Steven Lake, 37, went to the home of estranged wife Amy Lake, 38, in Dexter, Maine, killed her and shot son, Coty, 13, and daughter Monica, 12.

He was on bail after allegedly holding his family hostage at gunpoint last year and Mrs Lake had been trying hard to protect herself, police said.

The killings were all the more tragic because Mrs Lake took court action to protect herself and her colleagues knew about the situation.

But his father said the tragedy would have been avoided if his son had been allowed to visit the kids.

‘It is frustrating when someone has taken the appropriate steps and we still end up with a despicable act of domestic violence,’ a public safety spokesman said.

Lake was frustrated by a custody dispute and upset at having to miss Coty’s eighth-grade graduation on Friday, a relative said. Read More


14 June 2010

  • Steven Lake allegedly holds family hostage at gunpoint

21 July 2010

  • Amy Lake files for a protection from abuse order against him
  • Charged with threatening her

11 November 2010

  • He allegedly has contact with her and is charged with bail and protection order breach
  • Trial set for hostage and bail breach charges in July 2011

13 June 2011


  • Policeman checks on her after she doesn't show up for work and Lake's car is seen in her driveway
  • Officer hears gunshots inside


  • Backup arrives from several departments, they surround the house and attempt to make contact inside


  • State police armoured vehicle moves in and bodies are found in the living room