Friday, June 3, 2011

Simon Parker Revealed: The racist, sexist, foul-mouthed primary school HEADTEACHER who called parents 'Muslim f******' - 3rd June 2011

This is Simon Parker, the primary school headteacher who launched foul-mouthed racist and sexist attacks on staff and parents and who has now been banned from the classroom for life.

The disgraced head 'bullied and intimidated' terrified staff and 'belittled' children at Coppice Primary School, Chigwell, Essex, in 2008 and 2009.

A General Teaching Council disciplinary inquiry heard Parker called parents 'Muslim f******' and labelled a supply teacher a 'black b****'.

He also pulled his eyes sideways to impersonate a Chinese early years teacher, adding 'I can't stand them'.

His shocking catalogue of abuse included Parker calling a prospective teacher a 'P*ki' and stating 'we don't want any of those' in respect to a black applicant.

Parker also called a governor a 'lazy whore', claimed a teacher was absent because she had 'vaginal thrush' and referred to another as a 'fat a*** teacher'.

The disgraced headteacher called less-able pupils 'Congo Bongo' and claimed Muslims are 'always blowing things up'.

Shamed Parker refused to attend the two-day disciplinary hearing held in Birmingham or defend his case.

The General Teaching Council found Parker guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and banned him from teaching indefinitely.

Chairman Tony Neal said: 'He demonstrated a deep-seated contempt for members of many other races, encompassing members of his own school staff and the community beyond.

'He displayed a disrespectable attitude to governors, pupils, parents and past, present and potential members of staff. Read More