Thursday, June 9, 2011

Louis Wayne Cuff arrested for using food stamps to buy lobster and other luxury foods, then reselling them

Buying $141.78 worth of lobster, steak and Mountain Dew with a Bridge card violates no laws or rules.

But turning around and selling the stuff for 50 percent of its value, well ... that's a different matter.

Louis Wayne Cuff, a 33-year-old Menominee man was arraigned in 95th District Court in Menominee last week for food stamp trafficking, a felony. Cuff's arrest resulted from a month-long joint investigation by the State Department of Human Services' Inspector General and the Menominee County Sheriff's Department. Cuff allegedly bought the lobster, steak and Mountain Dew and resold it for 50 cents on the dollar.

It began with a receipt allegedly found in the parking lot of Angeli's County Market, in the Upper Peninsula town of Menominee.

It showed that somebody went into Angeli's in February and bought six lobsters, two porterhouse steaks, and five 24-packs of Mountain Dew using a Michigan Bridge Card. (read more)