Tuesday, June 28, 2011

France to invest one billion euros in nuclear power: Fukushima who? Is Chernobyl a type of dark bread?

France will invest one billion euros in future nuclear power development while boosting research into security, President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday.

“We are going to devote a billion euros to the nuclear programme of the future, particularly fourth-generation technology,” Sarkozy told a news conference, reviewing the government’s “big loan” stimulus lending programme.

“We are also going to release substantial resources from the big loan to strengthen research in the sphere of nuclear safety,” he added.

Sarkozy said a moratorium on new nuclear reactors, as some countries have declared since the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident, "makes no sense."

He said Monday, "there is no alternative to nuclear energy today."

France is more dependent on nuclear energy than any other country, with the majority of electricity coming from its atomic reactors. (read more)