Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dr Stephen Hatch dies after flying into garage - eight years after surviving plane crash that killed his wife and two children

A doctor has died after his plane smashed into a garage in Michigan - eight years after he survived a similar crash that killed his wife and two children.

Dr Stephen Hatch, 46, died alongside his second wife, Kim, when their single-engine plane crashed as they returned home to Indiana after a vacation.

His 16-year-old son, Austin - who only survived the first crash when his father flung him out of the burning plane - was seriously injured in Friday's accident, and is in a critical condition in hospital.

They were the sole survivors of the 2003 crash, in which Dr Hatch lost his first wife, Julie, and his other two children, Lindsay, 11 and Ian, five.

At the time Austin, now a talented basketball player, was just eight-years-old.

David Bojrab, Dr Hatch's close friend and business partner, said: 'His wife and two children were in flames and he was never able to reach them.

'Steve reached over to his son who was sitting in front with him and tossed him out the window to save his life.'

In a terrible twist of fate, the family were returning from their summer home on Walloon Lake when they crashed in 2003 - the same place they were flying to on Friday when their single-engine plane flew into a garage near the Charlevoix Municipal Airport. Read More