Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dogukan Umut Last Moments as he is Shot in the Head trying to save his Father, Turkey - 2nd June 2011

These are the terrifying last moments of a student captured on CCTV just moments before he's shot in the head at point-blank range trying to save his father.

Dogukan Umut, 23, died in Turkey in January after his father allegedly became embroiled in a row with a bank manager.

He had been studying for a master's degree in International Business Management at Bournemouth University and was on a three-day trip to his hometown.

A Turkish court was told Dogukan's developer father had an argument with a female bank clerk in the southern city of Adana.

He did not want to pay a commission on the transfer of 100,000 Turkish lira (£38,000) because he was a long-standing customer.

The clerk claims she was insulted, and told her husband, a bank manager, who then confronted the father at his office.

Another argument ensued and tearful bank manager Soner Atac told the court: 'In a few seconds I became a killer.'

He said he wanted an apology for his wife.

And he claimed he was provoked, believing he was about to be attacked, and killed Dogukan in panic without realising what he doing.

His solicitor claims the CCTV backs up his claim that he was put under pressure. However, the father said Dogukan tried to protect him when the bank manager produced a gun and aimed at his head.

The student was shot several times, even as he lay on the floor, claims the father.

The prosecutor has asked for a life sentence.

The case has now been adjourned for examination of the CCTV footage. Source