Monday, June 27, 2011

Desperate screams of boy, six, killed in house blaze after being 'too frightened to jump to safety' - 27th June 2011

A six-year-old boy died in a house fire after being too scared to jump to safety.

Onlookers last saw Aiden Owens screaming from a bedroom window before the floors collapsed underneath him at his end-terrace home in Milton, near Invergordon, in the Scottish Highlands.

Despite neighbours throwing a mattress to the ground outside the window, the boy would not jump to safety after being trapped upstairs.

Firefighters recovered his body from the kitchen below the bedroom, while his mother and 11-year-old sister managed to escape the huge blaze.

Aiden's sister Chloe had escaped the fire from a first floor window at the back of the house following the fire which started at 2.30am on Sunday morning.

The boy's mother did not appear for 15 minutes after that, as neighbours said she 'didn't want to leave without her little boy'.

She eventually jumped to safety, but the six-year-old was left inside as flames engulfed the house.

Neighbours had raised the alarm after hearing a massive explosion 'like dynamite' before the blaze tore through the house.

Firefighters are yet to establish what caused the explosion and fire.

Mrs Davidson's eldest son, Dylan, 10, was luckily staying with his grandmother when the fire happened, according to the Scottish Daily Record.

Ambulance and fire services went to the scene at in Milton shortly after the fire broke out.

Police said the neighbouring property was evacuated, but the emergency services were unable to enter the burning building because the fire was so severe. Read More