Saturday, June 4, 2011

Craig Wyatt dials 911 after he's bitten on the thumb by a KITTEN (it was angry because he tried to tie a string around its neck...) 3rd June 2011

A man has managed to avoid caution for wasting police time after he called 911 when a tiny kitten bit him on the thumb.

Craig Wyatt, 24, from Indiana, desperately called authorities yesterday after a cat he found in a woodpile left a small puncture in his skin.

It is little surprise the kitten was so vicious - when police arrived Wyatt told them he had been attacked after trying to tie a piece of string around the animal's neck.

The cat had been tied to a tree by Wyatt by the time officers responded to his call.

Officer Chris Helmer told the Indianapolis Star the cat was 'very calm and nonaggressive unless it was provoked.'

While cat bites can be dangerous if the animal has rabies, this kitten was not a threat, according to the officer.

Helmer, who promptly removed the kitten from Wyatt's custody, said he had a small puncture through his right thumbnail and a puncture on the bottom of his thumb.

The officer did not report Wyatt for wasting his time but instead filed a bite report.

'He should be locked up,' one commenter wrote on the IndyStar website. 'What a moron.'

'Will he be fined for abuse of the 911 system?' wrote another.

A sceptical commenter added: 'A kitten's teeth are so small they can barely break a man's skin.' Source