Friday, June 3, 2011

Casey Anthony LAUGHS in court just hours after being branded a 'cold-blooded, callous monster' - 3rd June 2011

Casey Anthony, who faces the possibility of the death penalty if convicted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee, was seen laughing in court today.

As she waited for the afternoon session to begin she smiled broadly, at one point trying to cover up her giggles with her hand.

Just a couple of hours earlier jurors heard dramatic tape recordings of detectives telling Casey Anthony that she risked being judged as a 'cold-blooded, callous monster' after she lied to them over her daughter’s disappearance.

In a heated interview taped on July 16, 2008, Anthony – who is currently on trial in Orlando, Florida, for murdering two-year-old Caylee – admitted that she had led officers on a false trail as they sought to uncover the truth about the missing child, who she described as 'the one thing in this world I love more than anything.'

But even after acknowledging her lies – which included taking detectives to an office at the Universal Studios theme park where she said she had a job, before confessing that she did not work there at all – she continued to tell more, claiming that she had spoken to the little girl on the telephone just hours earlier.

'She said "Hi Mommy." And she started telling me a story and telling me about her shoes and books.

'I tried to ask her where she was and she just kept trying to tell me about a book she’d been reading,' Anthony told officers during the interview.

'She was perfectly fine, there was nothing in the background.

'She was excited to talk to me but at the same time it’s crazy that she didn’t get upset. Read More