Monday, May 30, 2011

Wayne Bishop, 33 freed by human rights to look after his children, left a headmistress fearing for her own and her pupils’ safety - 30th May 2011

The burglar let out of jail because it breached his family’s human rights has a history of aggressive behaviour, it emerged yesterday.

Wayne Bishop, 33, left a headmistress fearing for her own and her pupils’ safety after storming in to his son’s school and threatening to smash up ‘every car in the car park’ in a row over a bracelet.

A court heard the father of five – who was released a month into his fourth jail term on Friday following the Appeal Court’s astonishing judgment – went berserk after head Dora Wood confiscated the jewellery from his five-year-old son.

Bishop had been called to the school in October 2008 to discuss why his son repeatedly wore the bracelet in defiance of school rules. But Bishop blocked the school drive with his car and told Miss Wood: ‘I’m going to do you over.’

Nottingham magistrates heard Bishop began swearing at the headmistress in her office, adding: ‘I’m not sticking to the rules. My son’s not sticking to the rules.’

Bishop repeated the threats several times before heading into a corridor, still swearing, where a number of children were standing. During the 25-minute incident, Bishop again refused to move his car, saying: ‘The feds won’t be able to get in.’

The former warehouse assistant was arrested at Portland School in Bilborough, Nottingham, and later admitted using threatening words or behaviour.

He was given 100 hours of community service and ordered to be monitored by the probation service for a year. He was also told to pay £50 compensation to Miss Wood. Read More