Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Videos Reveal Crackdown On Syria Protests - 4th May 2011

Chilling video emerging from Syria is appears to show security forces firing on anti-government protesters.

One set of pictures show a tense stand-off between soldiers and protesters on what is now being described as a killing field in southern Syria.

"Hold your ground, hold your ground," someone is heard to say, before the sound of gunfire at point-blank range.

The person filming runs and dives for cover as others fall around him.

"God is great," they shout, before the shooting starts again.

The gunfire lasts for more than a minute before the protesters are able to pick up their dead.

Other footage - which seems to have been taken by the army - shows captured protesters in Deraa.

Hundreds are said to have been rounded up and more than 500 killed.

Sky News cannot verify when or where any of the footage was taken. See video Here >>>>>