Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ukranian Gagging order: Speaker grabs his deputy in death grip during debate row - 24th May 2011

Politics can be a stressful business.

But thankfully British politicians have always showed a little more restraint than this hot-tempered official in Ukraine.

Vice speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Adam Martynyuk was recorded on camera as he grabbed a colleague by the throat and slammed him into the ground with a 'death grip' wrestling move.

Martynyuk had been presiding over a legislative session in a chamber of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev on Wednesday when tempers flared.

The usually dull proceedings were disrupted when Martynyuk's deputy Oleg Lyashko asked to make a speech but was refused. He then reportedly called Martynyuk a 'Pharisee'.

Martynyuk leapt to his feet and lunged at his deputy.

In what appears to be an expert self-defence move, the speaker pinched the deputy's throat in a 'death grip' while jamming two fingers into his temple.

He then overpowers the man who is thrown to the ground after toppling over a wooden stand.

But still visibly irritated, Lyashko gets up from the floor and the pair square up and push each other. Read More