Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twitter gossips warned: You're in for a rude shock - 24th May 2011

Tens of thousands of internet users flouting injunctions were last night warned they could be in for a ‘rude shock’.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve said that until MPs decided to overhaul privacy legislation, it was up to judges to interpret the law – and they could punish those who break it.

His warning came as David Cameron announced a major review of the law.

The Prime Minister admitted yesterday morning that even he knew that Ryan Giggs was the footballer at the centre of the furore, hours before his name was revealed in Parliament.

Senior MPs from all parties said it was clear that the law was a farce, with tens of thousands using Twitter to discuss the identities of those hiding embarrassing secrets with injunctions.

But Mr Grieve, in an emergency debate in the Commons, said: ‘Those who I think may take an idea that modern methods of communication mean they can act with impunity may well find themselves in for a rude shock.

‘The courts do have the power to punish those who breach injunctions. Those who decide flagrantly to do so should bear that in mind.’

With the courts and Parliament in an extraordinary stand-off, the Prime Minister ordered the setting up of a joint committee of both Houses to consider whether there should be a change in the law relating to privacy injunctions.

The committee, made up of senior MPs and peers, will report back in the autumn on how current arrangements can be improved.

Mr Cameron suggested yesterday that the Press Complaints Commission’s role could be beefed up so that judges are less likely to grant gagging orders taken out by the rich and famous.

The Prime Minister indicated that he knew the identity of the footballer linked to a controversial privacy case ‘like everybody else’.

He added: ‘It is rather unsustainable, this situation, where newspapers can’t print something that clearly everybody else is talking about, Read More

-**Here is an Idea, why don't the courts spend some of their valuable time putting away real Criminals instead of creating this Circus. Do they honestly believe they can take hundreds of thousands to court for speaking? Get a life!! stop wasting hundreds of thousands fighting free speech and start spending some money fighting to protect the innocent.

A young girl was raped by a predator posing as a teenager on FACEBOOK, this isn’t a isolated case this in one of many.

This week in the UK it was announced that 43% of child abusers get a slap on the wrist because the confessed to their crimes, they walk free? and you want to jail people for stating facts?

If the government and the law spent as much time and money on true crimes, and real problems as they do on looking politically correct to the rest of the world we may have a chance of regaining some kind of decent society.