Friday, May 27, 2011

Passengers and crew on board doomed Air France jet endured terrifying THREE MINUTE plunge into the ocean after engines failed - 27th May 2011

Hundreds of passengers on board an Air France jet endured a three-and-a-half minute plunge to their deaths after its engines stalled while the pilot was resting, it emerged today.

The terrifying end of Flight 447 came after it malfunctioned in a heavy storm en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris two years ago.

All 228 people on board, including crew, died after it hit the Atlantic at a speed of 180 feet a second.

Details of the worst crash in Air France's history emerged in Paris where experts have analysed the data from the plane's recently retrieved black box flight recorders.

France's accident investigation office, the Bureau d'EnquĂȘtes et d'Analyses (BEA), unveiled startling details which appeared to show that junior pilots ended up trying to save the plane.

The pilot, Marc Dubois, had been taking a break when, four hours into the flight, a co-pilot aged 32 reported heavy turbulence, announcing the problem to crew and getting passengers to fasten seatbelts. Another co-pilot, aged 37, was also assisting.

Mr Dubois returned to the cockpit less than two minutes after the autopilot cut out in a growing storm.

However, recorded conversations show that he never actually returned to his seat, or took over the controls - instead leaving the flying to his assistants.

He had clocked up 11,000 flying hours over his airline career, while his more junior counterparts had 6,500 and 2,900 hours respectively. Read More