Sunday, May 22, 2011

Modern schooling and the war against competition: Out with nature, in with control

Competition is a sin” – John D. Rockefeller Sr.

In many respects we don’t have a free market economy. We have cartels, which are the escape from free market, not the natural progression of free market. They wage war against competition, not by the traditional means of attracting consumer confidence, but by taking the reigns of power in government itself and wielding it against its adversaries. The Rockefeller dynasty represents the epitome of cartels. Rockefeller’s partnership with Germany’s pharmaceutical giant I. G. Farben in 1929 formed the most powerful cartel in history.

Our modern schooling system was crafted as a tool of the Anglo-American Establishment in their quest to remake society. To monopolize thought and human potential is the ultimate form of domination. All of us are potential competition with untapped ability. The question at the forefront of the elite’s mind is this; How is this potential competition dealt with? As John D. Rockefeller Sr. famously proclaimed “Competition is a sin.” How will a pyramidal structure of society be maintained? How will society be standardized to meet the needs of an industrial nation? Our modern schooling system, in the elite’s minds, was an answer to these nagging questions.

One of the greatest open secrets of our modern society is that many household names have managed to squeeze out from under the thumb of the system – by dropping out of school or not receiving degrees – and have flourished. These people were able to discover their own personal strengths and weaknesses by testing themselves in the real world. The “one right way” schooling system didn’t dictate what lesson needed to be learned, and especially when. They didn’t wait their turn. The fact that the very architects of our modern schooling system (John D. Rockefeller Sr. and Andrew Carnegie in particular) were dropouts should tell us something. Let’s ask the question; Why would these men – who became the immensely wealthy captains of the industrial era – embark on a crusade to place the nations’ people under a schooling system that they obviously didn’t want or need, and ultimately escaped from? (read more)