Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Matthew Worster 17 allegedly Kills Mother Beth Spartichino and Buries her in the Garden - 10th May 2011

A teenage boy allegedly murdered his mother and buried her in the back garden of the family home.

The body of Beth Spartichino, 42, was dug from a shallow grave at the house in Boston and her 17-year-old son Matthew Worster has been charged with her death.

In an eerily prescient warning of her demise, Spartichino had taken out a restraining order against her ex-husband Michael Worster in which she stated she was afraid he was trying to turn her two sons against her.

In the handwritten document, dated May 22, 2010, she said her husband had threatened to 'chop me up in pieces and bury me in many places over our property so I would never be found', according to Boston.com.

She also wrote that after Mr Worster's visits to see his children, the sons became threatening towards her.

'They have increasing contempt for me, stating that "this is Dad's home, not yours. You’re a dumb, stupid bitch. I could kick you in the head now and you’ll die",' she wrote.

'I believe they are being poisoned emotionally because my husband wants me dead, and he and my children back in my home.'

The couple were divorced on April 22, at Bristol County Court clerk.

According to police reports, it was Mr Worster who called the authorities, telling them he feared his son had shot his former wife.

When asked where his wife was, he replied; 'In a freshly dug hole in the garden.'

Her body was discovered in a shallow grave measuring nine feet by three feet, which police say had been dug in advance of her being shot in the back.

Spartichino, described by her mother as someone who was 'bubbly, vivacious, and loved life', was a recovering alcoholic of five years, but had put her life back together and had enrolled on a nursing degree at Massasoit Community College.

Matthew Worster is in custody charged with armed assault with intent to murder. The charge may yet be upgraded to murder but his lawyer has entered a not guilty plea. Read More