Friday, May 6, 2011

Mark Bruton-Young, believed he was Suffering from Male Post-Natal Depression as Trawled the Internet for Information on how to Kill a Baby

The father of an unplanned daughter trawled the internet for information on how to kill a baby before suffocating the six-month-old in her cot, a court heard yesterday.

Mark Bruton-Young, a 36-year-old architect, believed he was suffering from male post-natal depression and resented little Harriet’s ‘intrusion’ into his married life.

After researching various methods of killing, including choking and poisoning, he Googled information on cot deaths and smotherings days before Harriet died.

The court was told she was an unplanned child – despite the couple being married professionals in their 30s – and that the father had failed to bond with her.

Bruton-Young also blamed Harriet for marital problems with his wife Clare, also an architect, who yesterday supported her husband at the start of his murder trial.

A few months after Harriet was born in December 2008, Bruton-Young used an office computer to look up getting an unwanted baby adopted, the court heard.

He later gathered information on how a child might be harmed or die, as well as what physical signs might be detected if a baby was suffocated.

Police searches on the hard drives of work computers found that Bruton-Young made hundreds of searches between January 2009 and June. Read More