Monday, May 30, 2011

Kamil Hric, Sick and Twisted 17 year old who posted 'I've killed my dog, ha ha' on FACEBOOK


A sick 17-year-old boy filmed himself hanging his pet pooch and posted photos of it on Facebook saying, 'I’ve killed my dog - ha, ha.'

The picture shows the helpless dog - still apparently struggling - swinging from a clothesline while Kamil Hric looks on laughing.

Hric, from Poprad, Slovakia - who was arrested after other horrified Facebook users alerted police - told prosecutors: 'So what? It's only a dog. I did it for fun.'

A police spokesman said: 'We don’t know what made him do this but we will be carrying out psychiatric reports.'

In another shocking display of animal cruelty, a dog was buried alive in Malta last week.

The cross-breed mongrel was found by chance near the city of Birzebbuga by animal welfare officers investigating an unrelated case.

The dog, who was later named Star by her rescuers, was found buried in the dirt after officers heard whimpering from beneath a wooden board.

A tree stump had been placed on top of it to weigh it down. Star was buried alive up to her nose and had been shot in the head 40 times.

Her four legs had been tied together and she had been shot repeatedly with a pellet gun.

Star miraculously survived an operation to remove the 40 pellets from her head at Ta' Qali hospital, in Central Malta. Read More