Friday, May 27, 2011

Jorge Barahona 'My daughter tried to poison me by putting baby oil in my soda', says father who 'murdered' her - 27th May 2011

(Image) Jorge and Carmen Barahona could face the death penalty if found guilty of killing adopted daughter Nadia.

A father accused of murdering his adopted 10-year-old daughter told police the little girl had tried to poison him by putting baby oil in his soda, court documents say.

Jorge Barahona, 53, claimed his daughter Nubia and her twin brother Victor wanted him dead, according to the documents released today.

The claim was revealed in shocking court papers that revealed nightmare details of the twins’ lives with their adoptive parents.

The schoolgirl’s naked body was found drenched in a toxic chemical and hidden in a black trash bag in Barahona’s truck parked alongside a busy South Florida highway in February.

Her brother was also soaked in chemicals and is recovering in hospital from severe burns.

For the last nine months of Nubia’s life, the twins had been tied up and locked in the bathroom of their adoptive parents’ home where they were whipped with shoes and a blue wire cord, Victor told detectives.

Nubia’s hands and feet were allegedly bound by Barahona’s wife, Carmen, and she was left like that in the bathtub for days.

On Friday, February 11, the boy said Nubia was taken by Barahona from the tub and he told police he heard his sister scream as she was beaten to death, said a police report obtained by the Miami Herald.

Barahona allegedly turned up at his sister’s house after the murder claiming that Nubia had run off when he stopped his truck.

‘I’ve lost a child,’ he told her. He claimed he had tied up the children because they tried to poison him. Read More