Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeremiah Morrison survived: Incredible footage captures moment tornado ripped truck apart… and driver miraculously lives to tell tale - 27th May 2011

As this truck is effortlessly tipped on its side and torn to shreds by a horrifying tornado, it seems that there is no chance that anyone could survive.

But miraculously the driver lived and has no serious injuries from the shocking incident, which happened in Oklahoma on Tuesday.

Jeremiah Morrison said he initially thought the tornado was not going to get him as he drove in Pottawatomi County, but as it stormed down the highway towards him, he learnt how unpredictable twisters can be.

‘As it came toward me, I saw it out in the distance, so I pulled my truck over,’ said Mr Morrison.

‘I was getting ready to get in the ditch, because that's what I've always been taught to do.

‘I kind of started to get out, looked up, and it looked like the tornado kind of disappeared,’ he told Fox 19.

‘So, I thought okay, it's not a threat to me any more, so I got back in the truck and I was getting ready to buckle my seatbelt.'

As Mr Morrison was about to start driving again, the tornado suddenly struck the truck and ripped it apart. Read More