Monday, May 16, 2011

Its Spring!! - By the time they clear all this it'll be winter again! Washington highway buried under 75FEET of snow - 16th May 2011

Running just south of the U.S. border with Canada, you’d expect the North Cascade Highway to be subject to some wintry weather occasionally.

But this weekend drivers on State Route 20 – which passes from Port Townsend in west Washington State to Newport in the east – found that snow chains wouldn’t be sufficient after an incredible 75 feet of snow covered a 40-mile stretch of the highway.

And the heavy snowfall could keep the road closed for another week, which would mark its latest spring reopening in 30 years.

Officials from the Washington Department of Transportation officials say snow is 75-feet deep this year.

They usually try to clear the snow by Memorial Day weekend, but WSDOT says it likely won't be cleared by then.

‘We're not too comfortable with making any kinds of predictions right now, just because of the unusual spring that it's been,’ said Dustin Terpening, spokesman for the Department of Transportation. ‘We've gotten a lot of snow really late in the spring.’ Read More