Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is Gaddafi still alive? Nato admit they're unsure if tyrant survived heaviest bombing raid in weeks... but insist: 'We're not targeting him' -11th May

Nato has been forced to deny that bombing raids on Libya last night were aimed at killing Colonel Gaddafi - but added that they did not know if the dictator was dead or alive.

The Libyan leader's compound in Tripoli was hit by eight missile strikes overnight during the heaviest bombing for several weeks.

But today, Brigadier General Claudio Gabellini insisted that the latest raids were aimed at command and control centres used by the regime to direct attacks against civilians.

'All Nato targets are military targets, which means that the targets we've been hitting are command and control bunkers,' Gabellini told reporters at a press briefing.

'Nato is not targeting individuals,' he said from the operation's headquarters in Naples, Italy.

Asked whether Gaddafi was still alive,he said: 'We don't have any evidence. We don't know what Gaddafi is doing right now.'

He added: 'To tell you the truth, we are not really interested in what he's doing. Our mandate is to protect civilians from attacks or from the threats of attacks. Read More