Monday, May 16, 2011

Hunt for the cat killer: Mystery as 12 pets are slaughtered or kidnapped in quiet cul-de-sac - 16th May 2011

Police and RSPCA officers are hunting a serial cat poisoner who is believed to have killed 12 pets in a quiet residential cul-de-sac.

Nine cats have been poisoned, one has been kicked to death, and two are missing presumed dead in the cul-de-sac in Harleston, Norfolk.

Most owners are now too scared to let their cats leave home, with one animal lover even moving house, while a poster campaign has been launched to warn the killer off.

Cat lover Shirley Wilson, 61, began the campaign after her beloved pet Fudge died from injuries which a vet described as a 'brutal kick'.

She said: 'Some people hate cats with a vengeance, but how twisted must you be to use poison? At least ten died a horrific death and others have gone missing.

'A vet carried out autopsies on four of them and diagnosed anti-freeze poisoning.

'We have our suspicions as to who is responsible and they definitely aren't natural deaths.

'I have told the police and I'm putting up posters around the area. We don't want to point a finger but people need to be warned.

Everyone is too scared to let their cats roam free now - my neighbours are keeping theirs indoors and I wouldn't risk getting another while I live here.'

Shirley has used pictures of the nine most recently killed cats to create a warning poster which she has stuck to trees and lampposts along the road.

She claims that someone is deliberately poisoning the cats which have all died along the quiet, leafy road of just thirty homes. Read More