Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Deyan Valentinov Deyanov - 'He tried to kill me too': Tenerife killer smashed a rock into the face of Security Guard FOUR MONTHS AGO - 18th May 2011

A man has claimed that the Predator obsessed killer who beheaded a grandmother in Tenerife tried to kill him as well.

Bulgarian Deyan Deyanov is said to have hit security guard Fermin Suarez Perez, 45, over the head with a rock, knocking out some of his teeth.

Police said Deyanov was still on bail following his arrest over the attack on January 4 and had actually been arrested three times since then.

'I've no doubt he meant to kill me,' Mr Perez told the Daily Mirror. 'I said, "What are you doing you madman". He then crouched own on all fours like an animal and ran off.'

Deyanov, 28, is in custody following the beheading of British grandmother Jennifer Mills-Westley, 60, who he followed before stabbing her 14 times and decapitating her in a Chinese supermarket on Friday.

'He smoked a lot of cannabis, heroin and crack cocaine,' Mr Perez continued. 'He was a time bomb waiting to go off.

'He used to follow women, trying to pick them up. Jennifer used to stroll along the promenade and I'm sure he would have seen her.'

Two weeks after the attack on Mr Perez, Deyanov was arrested for punching a dog walker and then two months later he smashed a window. He was due in court but failed to turn up and an arrest warrant was issued three days before he went on to kill Mrs Mills-Westley.

Yesterday it was revealed that he was obsessed with the film Predator and had alien symbols from the movie tattooed on his forearLinkm.

He would rave about the movie in which aliens stalk their victims for sport, telling friends that he enjoyed the way the aliens tracked down their prey and removed their heads.

The details of his obsession come after it emerged that Deyanov, the son of a millionaire, turned to drugs and drifted across Europe. Read More