Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Craigslist killer' Mystery of the skeleton that doesn’t fit among the bodies found on Long Island beach - 31st May 2011

Police have revealed that the body of a little girl found on Long Island last month may not be connected to the deaths of prostitutes dumped at the same place.

The skeletal remains of a two-year-old girl were found just 250 feet from the dismembered head, right foot and hands of a woman who is yet to be identified.

Ten bodies, who are thought to have been dumped there by the 'Craigslist killer', were discovered at the grisly scene last month.

But unlike other bodies found at Long Island, police believe the little girl was not murdered and her death has not been classed as homicide.

It has given weight to the theory that there may have more than one serial killer at Long Island.

The cause of her death is yet to be revealed but police have said that there was no sign of trauma or injury on her body.

Other bodies found at the scene had been wrapped in burlap bags or dismembered but the toddler's body was in tact and wrapped in a blanket.

She was found in undergrowth off Ocean Parkway, on the South Shore of Long Island on April 4.

Franklin E. Zimring, a criminologist told New York Times: 'It is not simply that it is a toddler’s death. It is that it’s a toddler’s unreported death.

'Whether it is accidental, intentional or something in between, when the death of somebody that young goes unreported to the authorities, the lack of reporting suggests that this is intimately linked to events involving the custodial parent. Read More