Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christopher Hughes, 17, illed in balcony plunge ‘was trying to recreate acrobatic stunt from Britain’s Got Talent’ - 18th May 2011

A teenager who plunged 30ft to his death from a balcony may have been trying to recreate an acrobatic stunt from Britain's Got Talent.

Christopher Hughes, 17, tried to perform a handstand on the railing of a third-floor flat after a party.

He had texted his sister asking the result of the ITV show - won by acrobatic dance group Spelbound.

An inquest into Christopher's death heard the railing was wet and he fell as horrified partygoers looked on. He died from multiple injuries.

Det Chief Inspector Peter Jackson told the Stockport inquest that Christopher was a fan of Britain's Got Talent and died on the night of the final.

He said: 'Christopher had been interested in Britain's Got Talent. It was won by a group called Spelbound who performed acrobatics.

'This may well have been what was in his mind at the time when he grabbed hold of the balcony. He was probably attempting a handstand.'

The inquest heard that Christopher, 17, from Heaton Chapel in Stockport, had been drinking and had been sick.

During the evening, he had sent a text to his sister Cat Hughes, 16, to see who had won the show.

Speaking after the inquest, she said: 'He would have been embarrassed and might have done something to detract from what was going on.

'He was very fit and athletic, an incredible person with many achievements and an amazing brother. No one ever thought anything bad of him.' Read More