Friday, May 27, 2011

Chasing the Mogollon Monster: Is there a "Bigfoot" living among us? -- Fact or fiction?

From UFOs to the Loch Ness monster, the mysterious and inexplicable phenomena across the globe which claim just as many believers as skeptics have a hold on many here in Arizona.

Here's the story of a monster living among us.

They seem like unbelievable stories fit for the campfire, but these guys have seen the signs and heard the sounds.

"The fur was clean and shiny it was a brownish red," says Alex Hearn, crypto zoologist.

"They're very intelligent they are the masters of the forest the rulers of the night," says Mitchell Waite, a Mogollon Monster hunter. "Whistling... they'll do that."

But have you ever heard the tale of the Mogollon Monster? Arizona's very own Bigfoot creature wandering the wilderness of the Tonto National Forest?

We spoke with the locals in and around Globe who not only believe such a creature could exist, some have even seen him!

"I passed it off as being a bear but I don't know it was black or very dark and it was trailing some horses," says believer Gene Center.