Friday, May 27, 2011

Casey Anthony: 'I'm such a good liar' and bragged about sleeping with two men days before her daughter disappeared - 26th May 2011

As more witnesses take to the stand in order to attack her morals and character, it has emerged that accused child murderer Casey Anthony allegedly failed to pay the IRS $68,000 in taxes in 2008 - the same year her daughter was murdered.

According to a tax lien filed against Anthony in Florida last week - which was obtained by TMZ - Casey did not pay $68,520 in taxes in 2008.

She is currently on trial for the murder of her daughter in the same year and faces the death penalty if convicted.

The court heard today that the 25-year-old was practically living with a new boyfriend and slept with an old boyfriend in the days before her daughter Caylee disappeared.

A woman who claims she spent Independence Day weekend with Anthony said she had made up an excuse to cancel an appointment with friends and then bragged: 'Oh my God, I'm such a good liar.'

Anthony shook her head when England told jurors about Anthony's comments about lying.

Ricardo Morales, who dated Casey Anthony between February and April of 2008, said that Casey and Caylee spent the night at his apartment in June 2008, just days before 2-year-old Caylee disappeared.

During this time, Casey Anthony was also frequently staying at boyfriend Tony Lazzaro's apartment.

Mr Lazzaro also took to the stand to tell the jury he thought that there was 'a lot of love' between Anthony and Caylee and described her as a 'good mother'. Read More