Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BBC Reports Abottabad woman casts doubt on whether Osama Bin Laden was living in the city at all: is entire story fake?

Pakistan's prime minister says spy agencies worldwide share the blame for his country's failure to capture Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by US forces.

Meanwhile, the head of the CIA has said the US did not tell Islamabad of the raid in advance, for fear it would be jeopardised.

So what has the reaction been in the town in Pakistan where he was killed?

Shandana Syed lives in Abottabad, and told BBC Radio 5 live: "Nobody is convinced that it was actually Osama Bin Laden."

"That's what most people think over here," she told Rachel Burden on 5 live Breakfast.

"Of all the places in the world, if I want to hide from someone I would definitely not come into such a city." (Listen to the women's telephone call here)