Monday, May 30, 2011

Allan Dunn kept woman's body in Sun City Center condo freezer more than a decade... to collect her pension check

The condo smelled awful. Carol Kingsbury and her sister expected that.

Ten months after her sister's friend died and later was cremated, a court gave the women permission to enter his retirement condo and get his final affairs in order.

Allan Dunn, who committed suicide at 86, had told neighbors his wife was in a nursing home.

But when the sisters went into his fetid apartment Tuesday afternoon, Kingsbury made a gruesome discovery: a body in a chest freezer on the porch.

Investigators believe it could be Dunn's wife, Margaret, and that he kept her death secret more than a decade so he could collect her benefits.

"He never gave any indication that something like that was going on," Kingsbury said. "We had no hint or anything that he was capable of doing that."

Hillsborough County investigators theorize the woman died in 2000 of natural causes. The body is that of a 78- to 80-year-old woman, and the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner's Office has not yet positively identified her.

Margaret Dunn purchased the condo at 201 Kings Blvd., Unit A23, in 1994, property records show. Five years later, Allan Dunn was named guardian of his wife and assumed possession of all her property and income, records show.

Neighbors agree Allan Dunn wasn't a favorite around the complex. He seldom attended condo meetings or social events.

Some say they haven't seen Margaret in a decade. (read more)