Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UK's £650m to Pakistan schools - 6th Apr 2011

PM David Cameron sparked a fresh defence row yesterday by splurging £650million he's saving in Forces cuts on schools in Pakistan.

He pledged the giant sum to pay for 90,000 new teachers and get four million poor Pakistani children into school.

It is the UK's biggest ever overseas aid education project.

The move will help tackle extremism in the conflict-riddled country AND Britain too, Mr Cameron insisted during a bridge-building trip to Pakistan's capital Islamabad.

But the cash is enough to have kept the RAF's Harrier jump jets flying for the next four years.

Or it could have saved some of the 17,000 Forces jobs being axed in a bid to save £5billion by 2015.

It also emerged that, while taking British cash saved by OUR defence cuts, Pakistan's leaders are spending a fortune building up THEIR military.

Face-to-face ... David Cameron and Pakistan PM in Islamabad
They are buying 36 Chinese J-10 fighter jets in a deal worth £860million, and ordering six submarines from Beijing aswell - at a cost of £140million each.

In total it comes to an eye-watering £1.7billion.