Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thousands of Dead Fish in River Rouge, Michigan - 12th Apr 2011

It is a stinky and scaly situation in River Rouge as thousands of dead fish were discovered floating along the shoreline. The smell has been described as almost unbearable.

Viewers were so concerned they called FOX 2.

"I eat fish out of this river. I fish there. My nieces and nephews fish out of this river and ate out of this river," said Guy Cason. "I'm concerned. I'm concerned about their well-being."

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says this is a natural occurrence called a "fish die off".

The fish are called "gizzard shad". They are a weak species that easily dies off in cold weather.

It's likely they were dead under the ice for some time.

Here's the bad news. We're told it's up to the property owner to clean up the dead fish. Source

Thousands of Dead Fish in River Rouge: