Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sarah Crutchley, 30, killed after falling from 300ft waterfall in Thailand - 19th Apr 2011

A British woman, 30, has been killed in a tragic accident after being swept 300ft down a waterfall in Thailand.

Aspiring teacher Sarah Crutchley lost her footing as she walked across submerged rocks and fell into two feet of water close to the edge of the Ton Nga Chang falls.

She managed to grab hold of a large rock for a few seconds but was washed away by the fierce torrent of water last Friday.

Miss Crutchley from Bournemouth in Dorset, who had been learning to teach English in Thailand, slid about 30ft down the sloping rock-face before plunging off the steep 300ft drop.

Only seconds earlier the university graduate had told a friend of how she been having the time of her life in Thailand, where she had been for three weeks and was about to become an English teacher.

Chris Penny, who witnessed her fall to her death said he desperately tried to reach Miss Crutchley as she clung on for life to the boulder.

The 21-year-old said today: 'Sarah was just swept off her feet by the water. She grabbed hold of a large rock and hung on for about two or three seconds.

'I tried to get to her but I also slid and fell and grabbed on to another rock. She was about one or two feet from edge but didn't say a word.

'I cried out for help and then the current of water was just too strong for her and she lost her grip. Read More