Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Revealed: the man who faced down a devastating tornado to make THAT amazing storm video (well he is a former marine) - 20th Apr 2011

The last thing most people would want to do as a tornado approaches is just sit there and watch it come straight at them.

But that’s exactly what a cool-as-a-cucumber North Carolina man did as he caught one of the devastating 241 tornadoes to hit the U.S. last week on video while sat in a car park.

Steven Hoag’s video was taken in a Walgreens car park in Wilson while he was calmly on the phone to his sister and has now received more than 285,000 hits on YouTube.

Despite a humongous tornado passing extremely close by him and ripping apart buildings just metres away, he never got scared and just gave his sister a running commentary of what was unfolding.

Mr Hoag is a motorbike enthusiast from Middlesex who works as a traffic signal technician for the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

He left his home to repair a traffic light during bad weather on Saturday but while he was driving his truck he saw a tornado and there was nowhere safe to go.

Mr Hoag pulled into a car park and saw the tornado moving away from him, so started to record it and call his sister, before it turned and moved straight towards him. Read More