Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain, Floods and Crashes, Tasmania hit by the worst Rain in 50 years - 13th Apr 2011

DRENCHING rain has forced the relocation of patients at the Royal Hobart Hospital today. The rain is continuing to wreak havoc across the South and East of the state today, closing schools, flooding houses and keeping emergency services busy.

Hospital staff moved patients waiting in the emergency department to a drier part of the hospital, after water leaked in.

RHH spokeswoman Pene Snashall said that the move from the regular waiting area was only for the comfort of patients and only temporary.

"The leaks have caused a bit of wetness, but by no means has it flooded the area _ we've just moved the patients while the emergency waiting area dries and we are operating as business as usual,'' Ms Snashall said.

Police dragged three vehicles from floodwaters near Eastlands shopping centre last night as they dealt with 29 motor vehicle accidents in less than 24 hours including a fatal crash between a car and log truck on the Midland Hwy.

The Bureau of Meteorology said Hobart received more than 77mm of rain since 9am yesterday, its highest 24-hour rainfall since 1960. Source

Interview with severe weather specialist