Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RAF sends more jets to warzone as troops risking their lives are told: We're cutting 17,000 jobs - 5th Apr 2011

Britain was sucked deeper into the Libya conflict last night as the number of Tornado bombers targeting Gaddafi’s forces was dramatically increased and ‘non-lethal equipment’ was lined up for the rebels.

On a visit to RAF pilots in Italy, David Cameron announced that four more GR4 ground attack planes will deploy to their Gioia Del Colle airbase.

Britain is having to shoulder a greater share of the burden after the U.S. began to withdraw its jets.
William Hague told MPs the UK was also prepared to give ‘non-lethal equipment’ to help the opposition forces trying to overthrow the dictator, starting with communications gear.

Amid mounting concern that the conflict could go on for months, the Foreign Secretary said only a ‘genuine ceasefire’ and a withdrawal of armed forces from contested cities would end the air strikes.

Senior military sources said there were still a large number of ‘bad guys’ for Nato warplanes to attack – an indication that the ground war is not going as well as hoped.

This will raise fears that Britain is being pulled ever deeper into the conflict – leaving the RAF overstretched. Read More