Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Police officers videoed as they taser and beat Pittsburgh baseball fan in front of chanting drunk supporters - 13th Apr 2011

A rowdy baseball fan was videoed being shot with a Taser and beaten by police in front dozens of chanting drunken supporters.

There have been 300,000 views on Facebook of the bust-up between the officers and 41-year-old Scott Ashley at the game between Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies.

The footage shows two officers tasering him to little effect and clubbing him at least six times in the neck, head, side and legs before he is eventually handcuffed.

Today an anonymous Pirates fan posted his $5,000 bond after Ashley, from Friendship, was charged with four misdemeanours, including public drunkenness and resisting arrest.

He had been asked to leave the stadium in the 6th innings because he was disrupting the Saturday game for other fans with foul language, said said Brian Warecki, Pirates' communications director.

Police said he refused to move and swore at stadium security staff for blocking his view.

One police officer can be heard telling him that he could leave the easy way or the hard way, and Ashley responded: 'The hard way, brother.'

The video shows him walking down the stairs as fans begin chanting, 'USA, USA' because of the red white and blue windbreaker he is wearing. Read More