Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North Africa: US secret mission?

Some American government-funded organizations were sponsoring the uprisings in Arab states, concludes The New York Times correspondent Ron Nixon.

He writes that while the Pentagon was financing the antiterrorist fight, the US government was training the key leaders of the Middle East rebels to organize campaigns through new media tools.

Nixon points to the involvement of several non-government organizations and individuals in the ousting of the harshest North African regimes, like Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization. Many Middle Eastern leaders frequently complained to the US government that the organization undermined their leadership. Egypt’s government even asked Freedom House to stop all contacts with local activists and then limited its operation in the country.

Political analysts from all over the world are dying to know who was behind the Middle East unrest. Some believe it was masterminded by the West, while others think it was triggered by domestic problems. The latter view is shared by strategic expert Sergey Demidenko:

"I don’t believe in protests orchestrated by the West. This is a typical liberal theory of controlled chaos, that unrest can not emerge out of nowhere. If it were orchestrated, the US would know what to do but it didn’t. The US was completely lost in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and now in Syria. But America wants a stable and controlled Middle East, safe for their assets and their oil pumping . It doesn’t care about anything else." (read more)