Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musa Kusa can travel to U.S. and spend his 'millions' after Washington lifts sanctions on him to encourage other Libyan defections - 5th Apr 2011

America has lifted financial sanctions on former Libyan foreign minister Musa Kusa in a bid to encourage other high-profile henchmen to abandon Colonel Gaddafi.

The alleged Lockerbie bombing planner had assets, believed to be worth millions, unfrozen and taken off a U.S. travel blacklist after defecting to Britain last week.

This grant of freedom, combined with a UK deal to arrange asylum, raises the possibility that Kusa may avoid being prosecuted over the 1988 attack that killed 243 people.

David Cohen, a U.S. Treasury Department official responsible for terrorism and financial intelligence, said Sanctions were lifted because Kusa had severed ties with Gaddafi.

'Kusa's defection and the subsequent lifting of sanctions against him should encourage others within the Libyan government to make similar decisions to abandon the Gaddafi regime,' he told the Deutsche Presse agency. Read More