Tuesday, April 19, 2011

McDonalds will save American workers -- 50,000 hiring spree begins today

McDonald’s plans to hire 50,000 people nationwide during a one-day campaign this Tuesday. More than 280,000 people had applied online prior to the hiring day.

Minnesota stores will hire nearly 1,000 employees. It’s unclear how many will show up at stores Tuesday.

Managers are looking for cheerful employees who are reliable.

“Timeliness, especially here with the bus system. We have a lot of people, you know, ‘I missed my bus,’” said Katie Cheney, assistant manager at a McDonald’s in south Minneapolis.

She says one of the biggest challenges she faces is making sure a full staff is on duty.

“I had four people already today, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a few minutes late,’” said Cheney.

She said about 70 percent of the day staff is made up of working parents and other adults. (read more)